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Many of you know us for selling horses, but did you know that we actually offer training services? As well as working student programs? This all happened about 4 years ago….

The short story is that I received a call from a mom who was looking for a place for her daughter to ride in France. I had never thought we could offer this service to riders but after digging around, found out there were some trainers in the area that wanted to work with us on this opportunity. And the rest is history!

We have had over 10 people come over, both riders enjoying our training services and riders coming for our working student program.


Our training services provide riders with the opportunity to lease a horse, show, and learn how barns are run in France. Riders have come over as 1m riders and left as confident 1.10m-1.20m riders depending on the duration of their stay. They also get the opportunity to work with young horses and bring them along. There is always someone to ride in the barn, so even though you might be leasing only one horse, you will have ample opportunities to ride all different types. The huge advantage of riding over in France is not only the cost, but also the opportunity to have access to many school masters who know the ropes at 1.30m or higher. It will bring your riding to a whole new level. We offer anywhere from one week to one year programs. We work with multiple trainers and give you the opportunity to sample different trainers to find the right fit for you.

Here are the current costs for our training services (priced per month):

  • Accommodations off site: 600-900 euros
  • Meals and help with everyday needs for our younger riders: 1,400 euros
  • License to ride and show in France (similar to USEF): 119 euros for the year
  • Horse Lease:
    • 1.10-1.15m horse: 900 euros
    • 1.20-1.25m horse: 1,200 euros
    • 1.30m+ horse: 1,500 euros



For our working student programs you can send us an email at or contact us via Facebook. We are always looking for working students to help out at our barn located at the National Stud in Saint Lo. You will get the opportunity for free board, free lessons, and the opportunity to show in conjunction with grooming, barn chores, and riding for both Alize and her boyfriend Gerald, who competes at a GP level.

Link to more info on our training services.


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