Want to buy a young horse, but hesitant because of future costs to bring it along?

Growing up in the USA and spending every summer back there, I am aware of the steep costs of keeping, training, and showing a horse, especially when it is a young horse that needs the training and experience in order to get resold. That is why we ourselves along with several clients have purchased young horses in France and kept them here to get training and show experience for a fraction of what it costs in the states.

My business partner Alize and I purchased a very green, wild 4 year old mare in 2014 that we kept in France for over a year to show in the five year old series. When she was ready we sent her off to our trainer and friend in California and she just got sold this past weekend. Comparing the costs we spent in France to the costs in the states, well there is no comparison. We spent around 600 US dollars per month for full training and board. Shows cost anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars and even the dentist, chiropractor, and vet are cheaper in France. Business wise it was a great decision, experience wise she was able to show in the 5 year old series without breaking the bank, and trainer wise we had a seasoned calm, patient trainer bring her right along.

Ballerine Platiere, 6 year old SF mare by Dollar de la Pierre X Papillon Rouge (Ridden by trainer Nicole Dicorti Bush)


We have had two other clients put their young horses with this trainer as well. It is a great option for clients that buy greener babies or even buy horses in the winter season and don’t want to either leave them up north in the cold or bring them down to Florida and encounter the high costs. You can check out the trainer’s website here.

We have also included a video and photo from the horses this trainer has kept for clients. Please make sure to contact us for more information!

Vivaldi, (at the time of video) 6 year old SF gelding by Dollar du Murier

Babine, 6 year old SF mare by Chef Rouge


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