Import a horse? Yikes, that sounds scary!

Horse import

Maybe you have experienced this situation…Your trainer suggests that you import a horse, a friend tells you to look at horses in Europe, or you even see your next dream horse located in France, but why would you ever want to import a horse? Doesn’t that costs too much? Isn’t the process incredibly complicated?

Importing a horse can be a daunting thought for many horse lovers looking to buy their next horse. However, we strive to make this process not only very easy, but also affordable. One of the big points to consider is that horses in France are normally priced less than horses in the U.S. that do the same job. Why you might ask, because there is a big supply of horses and not as much demand. The horses in France are also breed to jump higher; therefore the average maximum height a horse can jump is higher than that of horses in the U.S. Hunters are priced less simply because these are not the type of show jumping horse that the French want. Even with the transport on top of the price, prices are more than likely going to be more affordable in France.

But what about the process? We have a document that explains everything in detail to ease your worries and make you aware of just how things are going to work. We are also available to answer any questions and want to make this experience the most rewarding experience for our clients as possible. It is a big financial investment and we understand your reservations, hesitations, and worries. Excel documents are provided with estimations of all costs to keep you aware of your total costs so that there are no surprises. We also work with an exceptional shipper, Equi-Services, who provides clients with very competitive rates and great customer service. Another big part of the mission of our company is to provide clients with fair commission fees (10%) with discounts for multiple purchases and honesty, as clients know the exact amount they are paying us for commission.

So don’t worry, we are here to simplify the process for you and make this an incredible and exciting experience.

For more information visit our website and download Buying a Horse with FHE




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