Hunters and why buy in France?


With the new show season upon us in France, Alize and I have been scoping out hunter prospects at the young horse shows that have started. An important thing to remember is that in France and in Europe in general, hunters does not exist. The hunter classes that do exists are, well in my opinion, not close at all to hunters. Therefore, these horses have to be selected at show jumping events and we have to imagine what they would look like after being put into a hunter program. Some might take just a week to adapt, while others a couple months. The videos that you, the clients, see show the horse in a jumper setting, so don’t be alarmed if they look fresh or too fast! It is important to imagine what they would look like with a good lunge and put into a hunter program. France luckily has not caught on to the American hunters. I say luckily, because that means normally most of them are priced lower than some of their jumper counterparts because they simply lack blood for the French riders and are “dull”. There are no programs here to make them into hunters like there are in Holland and Germany, so prices stay more often than not low, which means you will be paying less here than in the U.S. So with that being said, check out some of our new hunter prospects!

4 year old stallion

5 year old gelding

9 year old gelding

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